Vegetarian Thanksgiving options in San Diego

Many restaurants in San Deigo have been offering different options for those who no longer want to eat a turkey. I found myslef in the dilemma of having to find alternatives to the tradition of eating meat at the thanksgiving table. Many fine restaurants are offering full coarse meals that come at an affordable price for those who do not want to cook and deal with the hassle of the clean up that comes with it.

Things to Know About Healthy Vegetarian Restaurants in Downtown San Diego

Being in the health food industry is much different than being in the restaurant industry. In this business you not only get to witness how people are becoming more aware of crucial issues in the world. You get to be a part of that change. When customers decide to consume alternatives to animals products, bring reusable containers, and use compostable straws and togo boxes it makes us feel that much happier to be able to facilitate a more conscious lunch option. I see the health conscious movement getting bigger and bigger as we come into a new decade. Our goal is to make clean nutritious and delicious meals accessible to all who have decided to be part of that change. If you can get a happy meal in under five minutes, you should be able to get a meal that helps feed a healthier, happier, you!